We’ve always been a family who enjoyed a few drinks together and often talked about ways we could take full advantage of the wonderful place we live.  While we each have our own reasons for opening Fuhr Estate Winery, the result is great mead and spirits from the first Meadery and Craft Distillery in Parkland County, AB!
FEW Winery


At the same time that I developed an allergy to hops, and consequently all beer, my parents had a glut of honey from their first beehive.  My search for something other than beer to enjoy, along with honey we didn’t know what to do with, lead us to try making our first batch of mead.  After years of honing our craft with small batches we started to share more with friends and family.  This sharing led to encouragement that we were making delicious mead that many people would enjoy.  So, in 2017, we started down the path of our own meadery and incorporated as Fuhr Estate Winery in 2018.  A discussion with another local producer of wine lead us to explore moonshine production as well.  This reminded Pa of the stories told of his grandfather, so with a family history of bootlegging shine during Prohibition, we’ve also gone back to our roots to produce great spirits too.


As usual, this type of business starts over drinks.  Our story is no different.  Our desire to create a Parkland County Mead and Spirits of high standards has made our journey longer than we thought but it has been satisfying.  

At the beginning of the last century stories were told of my Grandfather making moonshine that was favored by many in the area (maybe even the local Constable).  There were stories of being raided by the local police only to miss the moonshine mash under a pile of dirty laundry.

I am very excited to work with Brenda, Aaron and Desi to achieve a local Meadery and Distillery.


Life is full of surprises and ideas! 

For over 40 years I have lived here on the farm with my amazing husband.  Together we have raised 4 boys, grown grain and hay crops, and we always had a variety of farm animals. We always had a dream to make a living from the farm.  This is where we work and play! The idea to make Mead was born and that idea continued to fester until Moonshine became a reality. We continue to work and play on the farm.  We continue to foster ideas as they can change anything, anywhere at any time.  

How exciting it is to be on an adventure of making MOONSHINE & MEAD!


I want to create an environmentally conscious and eco friendly farm to table business using local sourced materials. Growing up I didn’t truly appreciate the farm and how much it meant to me, now I want to create something that lasts another generation and gets it back to its roots – a working farm, just not in the traditional sense.